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Easter Island tours

Choose to discover the amazing jewels Easter Island offers through our well-planned Easter Island tours and you will guaranteed get much more out of your once-in-a-lifetime trip to this extraordinary island. Let the mysterious Easter Island history come alive as your expert Easter Island tour guide tells you about legends and stories from ancient times, standing right in front of the historical monuments.

To assure that you will make the most out of your visit, pick one of our complete tour package experiences, or go to the Easter Island tour categories for detailed info on our different kinds of tours to arm your own program.

Hotel transfers are included. Pickup is at 09:30 in the morning at your hotel, unless otherwise specified.

National park ticket and food is not included, unless otherwise specified.

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InfoDiscover the unique monument with the only statues facing ocean, hike to an exciting cave - a long subterranean tunnel used as a dwelling for the ancient people, and visit many other amazing sites in the central and southwest area. Enter the ancient ceremonial stone village, on the ridge of a volcanic crater, where the lethal birdman competitions took place each year to elect a new leader for the coming 12 months. This tour together with Highlights: Megaliths will let you get to know all of the most remarkable, easily accessible sites in two days. Birdman
InfoThe incredibly advanced level of megalith engineering that was reached by the ancient Rapa Nui people will be demonstrated in this tour. We will visit a few sites of interest along the way to the breathtaking volcanic statue quarry; the factory where virtually all of the statues were made. One day it was abandoned, and the 400 statues still in the quarry have been left untouched ever since. Around the corner is the biggest Easter Island monument ever raised with 15 mighty statues. The day ends at our tropical beach, decorated with palm trees, where the legendary first Rapa Nui king disembarked a thousand years ago. This tour together with Highlights: Birdman will let you get to know all of the most remarkable, easily accessible sites in two days. Megaliths
InfoSee only the few most important sites of Rapa Nui in a quick and effective manner. Enter the ancient stone village where the historical birdman competitions took place. From within this village we will have a spectacular view of the crater of volcano Rano Kau. Go to the breathtaking volcanic statue quarry; the factory where virtually all of the statues were made. Around the corner is the biggest Easter Island monument ever raised with 15 mighty statues. The day ends at our tropical beach, decorated with palm trees, where the legendary first Rapa Nui king disembarked a thousand years ago. This tour is for those who prefer a quick summary of the legends and archaeology. You will get to know Easter Island much more thoroughly with Highlights: Birdman and Highlights: Megaliths. Express
InfoThere is no better way to start the day than to enjoy the breathtaking spectacle of seeing the sun rise behind Ahu Tongariki - the largest and most impressive monument of Easter Island. The ancient Rapa Nui people would do this every morning as the sun was a very central part of life - especially to the Tongariki tribe, as the whole monument of Ahu Tongariki is perfectly aligned with the sunrise at summer solstice, around the 21st of June each year. Sunrise at Tongariki


InfoEnjoy a breathtaking 360 degree unobstructed view of the horizon from the top of volcano Terevaka - the highest point of Easter Island. The trail is not steep, so the hike is not very strenuous. Terevaka
InfoAccording to the legends, a second wave of ancient settlers lived and were exterminated at this volcano. Unique statues made of gray rock are found here. The top of the volcano offers a spectacular panoramic view of the whole island. For the brave that are not afraid of heights, we enter the legendary Virgin Cave, hidden along the cliffs of the volcano. The young girls that were imprisoned here left behind mysterious carvings on the rock walls that have never been deciphered. Poike
InfoVenture through the most remote areas of Easter Island with countless examples of unique archaeology, exciting caves, ancient buildings and traces of prehistoric culture scattered all around. The tribes of these distant lands were cut-off from the rest of the island, which resulted in different solutions and ideas. As no roads go here, the archaeology has been untouched ever since people moved out hundreds of years ago. North Coast
InfoVisit exciting caves in the remote central and west area of Easter Island. The road here is too bad for going with a car, so the areas don't receive much visitors. We start in the interiors of the island, hike towards the coast and then follow the coast back towards town, visiting some of Easter Island's most amazing caves along the way. Cave Trip


InfoTouch the ancient soul of Rapa Nui, hearing legends under the starry skies in front of camp fires when traveling through these mysterious lands in this three day unforgettable adventure of your dreams. You will travel around the whole island, going through the most remote areas and discover countless of amazing sites and breathtaking views on the way. Camp in the remote bay of Hanga Oteo and inside the crater of volcano Poike. BBQs with wine, breakfast, tents, sleeping bags, water, archaeological guide, horse guide and unforgettable memories is included. [3 days] Ancestral Adventure
InfoExplore the underground world of Rapa Nui. Go through countless subterranean tunnels formed by underground lava flows, used as dwellings by the ancient people. Excellent strength and agility is required. Subterranean Exploration
InfoCrawl through the legendary Virgin Cave, going hundreds of meters straight into the volcano. In this tunnel, hidden along the outside of the cliffs of volcano Poike, young girls were imprisoned in ancient times to obtain a fairer skin. This extreme tour requires excellent strength and agility, and most importantly that you are not the least claustrophobic. Virgin Cave Claustrophobia
InfoDescend into the dramatic volcanic crater of Rano Kau and have a swim in the crater lake! This volcano is one of the most breathtaking natural sceneries of Easter Island. Its lake at the bottom was the main source of drinking water in the whole south west area of Easter Island. Rano Kau Descent


InfoEnjoy a day of relax and fun! We will show you how pool parties are done the Rapa Nui way. We will take you to a hidden natural pool along the coast where you may swim, drink beer and enjoy the day. Drinks and snacks included. Rapa Nui Pool Party
InfoGo fishing the Rapa Nui way! We do not use a fishing cane, but only fling a line into the ocean, standing on the rocks along the coast. We bring firewood to heat up the rocks for cooking the catch the traditional way. Fishing
InfoSee Easter Island from a unique perspective - from the ocean. Feel the waves and the wind as you follow the cliffs of volcano Rano Kau, going towards Motu Nui. This historical isle is where the ancient athletes fought for honor and power for their tribe in the birdman competition. Boat Trip to Birdman Isle
InfoLearn the ancestral native sport of Polynesia in the ocean where it originates from. Surf the waves of beach Pea, right in the town center, with an instructor. Surfing lesson

Spiritual Meditation

InfoThe sacred moai statues were built for one sole purpose - to preserve the mana of the ancestors for later generations, to give us luck and fortune in life. Feel the ancient energy while meditating in front of the moai statues under the lead of a native Rapa Nui instructor, whose ancestors carved and raised these megaliths of greatness. Mana of the Moai
InfoFeel the presence of history echoing through the underground tunnels of Rapa Nui, meditating in the subterranean dwellings of the ancient people. You will be lead by a native Rapa Nui instructor, whose ancestors inhabitated these dark caves. Cave Echoes


InfoGain a day for free at Easter Island! We will pick you up at the airport to start a tour right away at the day of arrival. Airport pickup

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Easter Island tour packages

Pick one of our complete experiences and get amazing savings for you! Select one of the complete experiences below to guarantee that you will discover Easter Island in a comprehensive and fulfilling manner - do it your way!

[4 days] Mystery Exploration

Reach every corner of Easter Island, hear about all of its incredible history and become a true Easter Island expert in the end! We will take you to all of the amazing sites of Easter Island through this comprehensive tour package of four full days of touring. For two days you will discover countless fantastic gems along the more accessible roads, and for the other two days we will go hiking into the most remote areas, full of archaeological treasures, hidden caves and breathtaking panoramic views.

Tours included Total savings Price*

[5 days] Extreme Adventure

Connect with the ancient world of Easter Island in a dream adventure you never thought was possible. Travel by foot or horse through the tribal lands, sleeping under the stars in a remote coastal bay and in a volcanic crater. Explore the greatest lava tube cave complex of the island, used as dwellings by the ancient people. Journey through time as you get to know every single corner of Rapa Nui in this adventure of a lifetime.

Tours included Total savings Price*

[4 days] Vacation Relax

See only the most important archaeological highlights during one day. For the rest of the days of your Easter Island vacation, focus on having fun and relaxing. Enjoy a pool party the Rapa Nui way, go fishing using local techniques and visit the legendary birdman isle by boat.

Tours included Total savings Price*

Easter Island tour categories

Highlights tours

Ahu Tongariki

Discover the most remarkable highlights of Easter Island in an effective manner! In our highlights tours we will take you to all of Easter Island's most fascinating sites by car, and we will get to know the sites by foot.

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Hike tours

Panoramic Easter Island view from Terevaka

Experience Easter Island from a different perspective and reach the most remote areas by going hiking. Unique archaeological treasures, hidden caves and breathtaking panoramic views are offered in our Easter Island hikes.

Horseback and mountain bike are sometimes offered as an option.

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Adventure tours

Ana Kakenga, two window cave, Easter Island

Satisfy your adventurous spirit! Crawl through caves and sleep under the stars in our Easter Island adventure tours.

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Recreation tours

Boat trip to birdman isle Motu Nui, Easter Island, cutout effect

Do what's most important in life - having fun! Go on a boat trip, go fishing and enjoy a relaxing day in a natural pool.

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Spiritual Meditation tours

Silhouette of man meditating at sunset

Rapa Nui is a land of mana. Feel the ancient energies of ancestral spirits preserved within the moai statues and meditate in prehistoric subterranean dwellings.

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