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The mysteries of Easter Island

Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island, is where history blends with myth. A once strong, proud culture carved a thousand enormous statues as evidence for their greatness. The people suddenly disappeared almost entirely, and the island was left with a handful of families, telling stories of who they are and where they come from. Only the great moai statues know how it all happened, gazing over the landscapes with lips forever sealed.

Read more quick facts about Rapa Nui, or learn more about the Rapa Nui history.

Easter Island today

From once existing in the numbers of only a few hundreds, there are today approximately 3000 people who share the Rapa Nui lineage. Rapa Nui is today part of Chilean territory and the influences from Chile are strong, though the Rapa Nui decendants constantly strive to remember their cultural heritage through practicing their culture in dances, art and music.

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Rapa Nui is today well-prepared to recieve outside visitors. To prepare yourself for your trip you may have a look at our travel tips section where you'll find our Easter Island travel guide, suggestions on things to do and more.

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